Fuel Management

Red-Diesel-Deliveries is not just a fuel supplier but a company that can provide you with complete fuel solutions to ensure your business is successful.

With our fuel management facility, we guarantee you will never run out of fuel.

This free of charge service enables you to have total control of your fuel consumption and removes the need to remember to order fuel.

We calculate your optimum ordering pattern over a given time period, and once a pattern of fuel usage becomes established, we will ‘top-up’ your tank to ensure you never run out.

To take advantage of this FREE service, call us NOW on08444 153 003.

Fuel management is an ideal solution for construction sites, where there is a high usage of red diesel and frequent deliveries are needed.

Red-Diesel-Deliveries ensures true reliability and increased site efficiency, all backed by our 24/7 support service.

A quick call to 08444 153 003 and you will be in touch with a fuel specialist who will discuss and understand your requirements, arrange site visits where necessary and provide you with a competitive quotation for red diesel fuel.

We are quickly moving into an era where people demand instant service and the ability to order 24/7.

With our manned phone lines contactable 24/7, you won’t have to deal with call centres ever again when placing your order for fuel – saving you time and money!

We guarantee an immediate response in case of an emergency, making sure your fuel is delivered as soon as possible. This can be put in place via our contract retention facility, where we commit to undertake the delivery of red diesel / gas oil at any time, to any location.

If you have a regular or high usage of red diesel, we can offer you our FREE fuel management service, where we monitor and control your red diesel consumption making sure you never run out. This service gives you total control of your red diesel / gas oil usage, and removes the need to remember to order a fuel delivery.

Red-Diesel-Deliveries has the experience to exceed your expectations.
Contact us today and find out what we can do for you and your business.