Contract Retention

We can guarantee to deliver you fuel if you
run out!

Running out of fuel can hinder a project’s progress and threaten overruns and possible financial penalties.

By signing a contract retention agreement with Red-Diesel-Deliveries, we will guarantee to deliver fuel to your site anywhere in the UK, regardless of the day, date or time.

Whatever the emergency or problem, our fuel tankers deliver directly to site, enabling very quick start-up times, for commercial and industrial projects to continue to run.

Red-Diesel-Deliveries are committed to provide fuel solutions that give the construction industry piece of mind, and assurance that our fuel meets all European environmental standards.

We guarantee to beat any other fuel delivery service. No call centres, just real fuel specialists, full service, true 365 day 24/7 callout national service.

Our ‘blue chip’ customers like the security of knowing that we guarantee to deliver fuel in case of any emergency. If this is what you need……

Ring our nationwide offices on 08444 153 003

Red-Diesel-Deliveries also offer a FREE comprehensive fuel management service ensuring that you never run out of fuel. We create a schedule based on your red diesel fuel requirements and deliver red diesel accordingly. This gives you complete peace of mind and lets you concentrate on other things.

Call today on 08444 153 003 to discuss your requirements with an experienced member of our sales team and to set up a national pricing and supply account. We offer fuel solutions for all business sectors. Single point of contact, fully detailed consolidated statements, free fuel management and fixed fuel price contracts if required - all to meet your requirements.

We are quickly moving into an era where people demand instant service and the ability to order 24/7.

With our manned phone lines contactable 24/7, you won’t have to deal with call centres ever again when placing your order for fuel – saving you time and money!

We guarantee an immediate response in case of an emergency, making sure your fuel is delivered as soon as possible. This can be put in place via our contract retention facility, where we commit to undertake the delivery of red diesel / gas oil at any time, to any location.

If you have a regular or high usage of red diesel, we can offer you our FREE fuel management service, where we monitor and control your red diesel consumption making sure you never run out. This service gives you total control of your red diesel / gas oil usage, and removes the need to remember to order a fuel delivery.

Red-Diesel-Deliveries has the experience to exceed your expectations.
Contact us today and find out what we can do for you and your business.