Red Diesel Deliveries CHP Biofuel

Red Diesel Deliveries CHP Bio is a B100 Biofuel for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation.

Red Diesel Deliveries CHP Bio is manufactured from totally renewable and sustainable sources – verifiable to OFGEM requirements - and so is fully eligible for ROCS certificates, which can reduce the cost by as much as 50% on OFGEM-approved installations.

Red Diesel Deliveries Biofuel is made from a high quality ‘waste oil’ feedstock to produce a fuel that yields 87% less CO2 emissions than petroleum-based diesel, is non-toxic, biodegradeable and safe to handle.

Prior to delivery each batch of Red Diesel Deliveries' Biofuel is independently tested and certified for each of the key parameters of EN14213 by one of the UK’s leading test laboratories.

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*Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs)

Renewable Obligation Certificates are awarded by OFGEM to encourage the use of non-fossil, renewable energy sources by companies generating their own electricity for heat and/or power.

Our fuel is made from waste oil using bio-ethanol, so fully meets OFGEM's strict requirements for ROCS eligibility and has been approved on other CHP installations. We are able to supply a letter confirming the origins of the raw materials, which you will simply need to submit to OFGEM in support of your ROCS application.

Please note that each individual site generating power or CHP must be registered and approved by OFGEM for the ROCS certificates to be awarded, this is an auditing process that will involve inspection and certification of your plant. For further information on your eligibility for ROCS and the process required please refer to OFGEM. If your power generation plant is already certified, it is a relatively simple process to achieve approval from OFGEM on our CHP Biofuel as a replacement for your current fuel.

For more information on Red Diesel Deliveries CHP Bio and ROCs eligibility, please call Red Diesel Deliveries on 08444 153 003.

For information on CHP generation or the ROCS renewable fuel incentive scheme, please visit OFGEM’s website on:

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