Carbon Offset Red Diesel

At red diesel deliveries, we realise that burning red diesel fuel releases emissions harmful to the environment causing global warming and climate change.

Carbon Offset Red Diesel

Due to the nature of our business, with the products and services we provide, we can’t help but to produce CO2 emissions.

We also understand that businesses are under increasing pressure from the government and consumers to reduce the carbon impact of their activities. Therefore, we have decided to offer our customers the option to purchase a new product – carbon offset red diesel (C.O.R.D.).

This way, by purchasing carbon offset red diesel, you can reduce the environmental impact of your businesses activities and its carbon footprint.

Companies engaged in carbon accounting can use our carbon offset red diesel to contribute to their carbon reduction commitment.

A small additional cost is charged for carbon offset red diesel, which we use to purchase carbon offset credits which support projects aimed at reducing the worldwide output of CO2 emissions, such as: renewable energy and carbon capture projects, pollution control projects, etc.

The intention of these projects is to remove each tonne of CO2 in the atmosphere, released through your company’s red diesel consumption.

Red-Diesel-Deliveries make no additional profit from offsetting the red diesel emissions.

By purchasing carbon offset red diesel, you balance the carbon emissions of your machinery’s engines and heating systems. This is a practical step that will show your company’s leadership in addressing the environmental impact of your activities.

We are quickly moving into an era where people demand instant service and the ability to order 24/7.

With our manned phone lines contactable 24/7, you won’t have to deal with call centres ever again when placing your order for fuel – saving you time and money!

We guarantee an immediate response in case of an emergency, making sure your fuel is delivered as soon as possible. This can be put in place via our contract retention facility, where we commit to undertake the delivery of red diesel / gas oil at any time, to any location.

If you have a regular or high usage of red diesel, we can offer you our FREE fuel management service, where we monitor and control your red diesel consumption making sure you never run out. This service gives you total control of your red diesel / gas oil usage, and removes the need to remember to order a fuel delivery.

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